Carlos Is Gonna Get It


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Carlos Is Gonna Get It Written by Kevin Emerson What happens when a prank goes too far? It’s not that Trina isn’t nice. She and her best friend, Sara, are the strongest students in class, but they’re not stuck-up about it. She’s not as mean as Thea or as, well, as dumb as Frankie. Trina doesn’t even mind talking to Carlos — as long as it’s before school starts and no one else is around. But Carlos is just . . . So . . . WEIRD. He scratches himself all the time and then he talks in this weird, annoying, shaky voice. He totally disrupts class, but he doesn’t even get in trouble for it; in fact, everyone ELSE seems to get in trouble for stuff that’s Carlos’s fault. So now there’s a plan. Carlos is gonne GET it. On the upcoming class trip. Trina and her friends are gonne make sure of it. Except that it doesn’t exactly feel right. And Trina’s not sure she shouldn’t call it off before something really awful happens. Or even if she can do it in time . . .