HEALTH CATALYST: How To Harness the Power of Ayurveda To Self-Heal and Achieve Optimal Wellness – Avanti Kumar-Singh, MD

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The Health Catalyst will show you how to spark inner transformation by practicing the simple habits of Ayurveda. Using “counter-balancing” remedies of routines, diet and tools of yoga, you’ll learn how to boost energy, improve digestion, increase restful sleep, decrease feelings of anxiety and overall… how to apply self-healing for optimal wellness and a more vibrant life.Anyone can heal themselves, because healing starts within. It starts with YOU and it starts now. Hardcover: $ 24.95; Paperback: $ 14.95

About the Author

Dr. Avanti Kumar-Singh, is an Ayurveda Wellness Expert on a mission to show how Ayurveda is a health catalyst to achieve optimal wellness in modern life. After receiving her Bachelor’s in Art History from the University of Chicago, she went on to receive her medical degree from Rush University Medical College. While working as an ER physician, she experienced first-hand the limitations of Western medicine. To learn more, Avanti began a 10-year wellness journey during which she studied energy healing and yoga therapy and became a practitioner of the 5,000-year-old ancient healing tradition known as Ayurveda. Today, Dr. Kumar-Singh bridges the gap between Western and Eastern medicine, helping patients, students, and holistic practitioners discover the healing wisdom within. Dr. Kumar-Singh is also a sought-after speaker and the host of The Healing Catalyst podcast. Over the last 20 years of her training, study and research, Avanti has shared her expertise with Fortune 500 companies, elite undergraduate and graduate institutions, and at prestigious industry and medical conferences. She has been featured in the Huffington Post, Thrive Global and Mind Body Green and served as the co-lead facilitator of the Faculty Scholars Program in Integrative Healthcare at the OSHER Center for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern Medicine. She is also a certified plant-based professional and a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT, October 2020). Dr. Kumar-Singh currently resides in Chicago with her husband and two children. The Health Catalyst is her first book.